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Thanks for being interested in being part of Mission Academy Live. If your youth leader has already signed up through this website then you do not need to complete the below sign up details. They will ensure you are ready to go to be part of a mission Academy Live Small Group, and we can’t wait to start journeying with you.

If you are unsure if your youth leader has signed up, or you don’t have a youth leader and it’s just you, or you and a few friends, then we'd love to take some details so we can get you connected into a Mission Academy Live monthly small group. These are set to start from the Sept/Oct 2017 and will finish by the summer of 2018. Please ask your parent/ carer for permission before completing your details. We would be very happy to answer any questions that you might have and we can be contacted here
First Name:  
Date of Birth:
School Year
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Church name
Church Denomination
What city, town or village is your church in?
Do you have a youth leader or youth worker?          
If you have a youth worker:
What is their name?
Are they interested in being part of Mission Academy live?
Which of these applies:

 It’s just me and I'd like to be part of a group

 I have a group of friends who want to do MA Live but don't have a youth leader

 My youth worker maybe thinking of doing MA Live, but I want to sign up just in case they don’t.  
If you have friends who are interested what are their names?

Are you friends in the same church as you?  Yes    No
If no, which church are they in
How do you feel about Evangelism and telling people about your faith?

 Love it! I tell everyone I meet
 I like it but sometimes lack confidence
 I want to but I don't know what to say and do
 It scares me
 I'm not sure

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