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HOPE mission training

HOPE can provide training and seminars for groups of church leaders, youth leaders or anyone who wants to grasp hold of mission. We can provide inspiration and advice on mission and evangelism, and can include creative workshops or just facilitate informal ‘word and action mission’ discussions.

Roy Crowne or other members of the Leadership team run the training, depending on circumstance and area. Training sessions have taken place in Barking and Lancaster and Harpenden. Let us know if you want to host a training day for your area. We can tailor it to suit your requirements.

Laurence Singlehurst has run a number of training days and said: "We did three sessions. We explored the motivations behind mission, some principles of mission and then looked at the HOPE ideas. We explored the resources and then gave participants an opportunity to break into work groups to put together a strategy for a year of mission."

Laurence looks at why mission begins in the heart, the mission process, understanding how evangelism works and mission ideas.

Read a review of the Training day in Lancaster  - Debbie Peatman

HOPE Revolution is running Mission Academies to encourage and support youth to step out and lead the way in mission.



The Sharing Jesus Training Course is a great opportunity for Christians to become more confident in communicating their faith in Jesus Christ, and to learn how to do so in a way that is both relevant and effective! 

The course is suitable for everyone and especially for those who want to share their faith with non-Christian family members, friends, work colleagues or people in their community and who find it hard to start conversations about Jesus and the difference he makes in their lives.

You can find our downloadable training slides, the accompanying resource book and more information here.


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Cell UK Training Day with Director Laurence Singlehurst 
Review from Lancaster Training